Sunday, February 3, 2013

Federal Compassion for Our Wild Horses? Really?

Posted by The. Associated Press - from the Bureau of Land Management- The BLM.  News Republic article link.

Please keep 2 things in mind. 
Firstly, the BLM was created to protect, oversee and guard the Open Lands of our Nation on behalf of Us the Citizens of the United States. To preserve its Natural Origins.
We are to have access to these lands, for the most part at all times, with minimal though common sense regulations,. An example would be no open camp or cooking fires during fire season. No poaching. Leave no trace that you have been there. And

There are many areas where you can camp for free, if you are self contained. It is our land. Unfortunately most lays west of the Rocky Mountains.  And dramatic changes are occurring on these DIMINISHING Lands ( another story) with out our knowledge or approval.

Secondly, it seems as if Wild Horses are never newsworthy until the dead of winter, when the are starving and badly accessible due to deep snows, winter storms. 

Will this Change? What do the feds and BLM have cooking for our horses this time?

News Republic

Friday, December 28, 2012


Fox is allegedly with a family relative of original lessee and family refuses to return him although owner has tried to contact them. Pictures from that family's Facebook page show that Fox is not in the best health as of September 2012, and owner has reason to believe he is not properly being cared for ... he has foundered, and yet there are two large children being led on him.

Owner Information
Name:Jennifer Brokamp
Zip / Postal Code:47374
Incident Details
Date of Incident:9/1/2012
Location:Connersville (Fayette County), IN, 47331, USA
Incident Description:Fox has FOUNDERED and needs proper care. The pics of children sitting on him were taken in Sept 2012 at the home that allegedly has him now and refuses to contact the owner or return him. ... I care-leased the pony to [a lady] in December of 2011 for a one year lease. In the course of that time, the lessee moved from the address of the lease without notification or forwarding address. At that time they began refusing communication. They gave the pony to a family on Kokomo Hill Road in Laurel, Indiana, and I believe sold the equipment I included in the lease: 6 corral panels, 1 antique pony saddle, an easy-entry pony cart, and harness for the cart. The Laurel, IN, family is refusing to return the pony, or to let me see him to make sure he is being cared for. I found pictures online of him at that property that show him thin and dirty. The original lessee is refusing to return the tack and equipment (since they sold it) or reimburse me for the value. The lessee told me to sue her for breach of contract in civil court, but would never be able to collect anything awarded. I want my pony returned so I can return him to his previous healthy condition. (contact owner for names of third parties.)


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Leave Hoof Prints Home! - My Thoughts.... Helmi's From Daughter

All friends that know myself have a pretty good understanding of my thought process and feelings regarding the equine population and how I speak only facts (learned through experience) as to how the world goes round. Those of you that my not necessarily know me, please take a few minutes to educate yourself as to where your "fluffy" may end up when you have decided you have found their new, amazing future home.
Though many of us may not see eye to eye, I KNOW when it comes to the health and well being of our horses (as owners, breeders, caretakers ect) we ALL have the same goal/responsibility, which is to ensure these horses have the adequate care each and every one deserves. Sometimes hardship comes upon us throughout life which may force us to part with the ones that mean the most and our primary thought is "Will I find a home that will give them everything they need and more."
With that being said, I can't help but feel the need to educate others with my experience and put the word out that there is now a way to maintain accurate documents tracking "fluffy's" whereabouts and care.
For as long as I can remember, my mother, Helmi Bishop (founder of Flip My Lip), has not only encouraged me to see the big picture , but has shown me exactly how it operates. "When taking on the responsibility of an animal, you have obligated yourself to ensure their future will always be determined based on THEIR best interest NOT your selfishness."
Over the past 25 years I have encountered many neglected, abusive, and/or plain old unwanted situations. When I was younger, I may not of always comprehended the extent of the situation, but I ALWAYS knew my mother was "giving them another chance" As I grew older, it became more clear to me.
After many years of my mother arriving home with what I thought were just new ponies to play with, I had a chance to see where they were actually coming from....At the age of 12, I was fortunate enough (many may not think so) to experience my first horse auction.
After driving for what I thought felt like forever we had reached New Holland, Pennsylvania (from Massachusetts) We pulled into an enormous parking lot filled with all kinds of trailers. I was so excited to get inside to see all the horses, maybe even a new one to bring home! There was so much commotion and horses lined up EVERYWHERE once we got inside. I remember my mother telling me, "DON'T LEAVE MY SIDE." I Obeyed my mothers request and walked beside her up and down aisles, upon aisles of horses. At the time I thought I was in heaven, horses everywhere! But soon learned we were not in a "happy place."
After reaching what I thought was the end of "Horse Heaven" I had caught a glimpse of a pile (by pile I mean a 5ft high 10 ft wide MOUND) of halters and right beside it was a pit of horse shoes. I recall asking my mother why they were there..... Her response was something I will never forget.... Those trailers will never look the same again.
Anyone who has ever had to part with their "better half" due to unforeseen circumstances always hopes for the best but may never think of the worst. After this experience, I will ALWAYS think of the worst and will do everything in my power to ensure the best possible outcome.
After taking the time to read my story I hope that you will remember, there is a way to leave hoof prints that cccan always bring "Fluffy" home....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Gov. Christie Of New Jersey Signs Major Bill

Governor Christie signed A.2023/S.1976 on Friday making it illegal to slaughter horses for human consumption in New Jersey. The law also prohibits the sale of horse meat for human consumption, bans the transport of live horses for the purpose of slaughter, and bans the transport of horse meat for human consumption.
According to The Political State, Governor Christie stated:
“This bipartisan measure is a nod to our decency and respect for horses in our state, ensuring that no horse is slaughtered in New Jersey for human consumption. It also ensures that our highways will not be used to transport horses to slaughter in other states which have not enacted a similar ban on the practice."

Today's Update and Breaking News

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Today we added "Equine News" to bring you current events that are significant to flipMYlip   and our clients.  

The USDA Weekly Market Report indicating 60% increase in Horses Exported to Mexico
These are just numbers For Mexico - Canada's Should be much higher
Please click on EQUINE NEWS above for the Press Release. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where Does a Vision Come From

In the fall of 2007 several horses arrived from New Holland Auction. All were placed quickly with few issues except this lil red one. She was scared and one angry pony. The question I was asked frequently was. What are you going to do with that one? My answer was always. I don't know yet.

When it came time to catch her, we ran her into a stock trailer. Introduced her to her new barn mates. Through the winter and into the spring she was handled twice a day, every day. Eventually started to allow us to catch her, as she didn't want to be left behind when the other horses were brought in.

In the spring it was time to see if this still angry 'lil red pony was broke to ride. As I tried to climb on she made it clear that she wasn't happy.full story.....

Monday, September 17, 2012



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